Global Standard

Hunian dengan “TOYOTA QUALITY”, kualitas rumah yang dipercaya memiliki standar global tinggi.

 The 2×4 construction method has been adopted around the world for constructing excelent earthquake-resistant houses.

This housing construction method (2×4 wood frame construction method) has been adopted in many developed countries including the United State, Japan, and many European countries earthquake-resistant houses.

2×4 construction method for Western home

2×4 construction method

Understanding Construction Method 2 × 4The 2 × 4 construction method is a home construction method that uses 2 inch x 4 inch (two by four) material as its basic structure. This construction excellence in earthquake resistance, and has a simple structure system so it can maintain the high quality.

 Toyota's steel frame construction method has evolved from the globally standardized 2×4 wood frame construction method.

Toyota Housing adopts the 2×4 construction method and replaces the wood frame with a steel frame when building homes. Thes 2×4 steel frame homes are durable and fire-resistant.

2×4 construction method

Toyota's steel frame construction method

Country that often experience earthquakes, Indonesia.
Indonesia is known as a country that often experienced the earthquake, among others have experienced major earthquakes on the island of Sumatra and the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 that affect many casualties. Therefore, for the houses was demanded to have more reliable structure or earthquake resistance.

Resistant to rain, wind, and earthquakes. The shelter provided by Toyots Housing's residential homes will keep you comfortable after construction.

Rain-and wind resistant features that make the homes comfortable.

Toyota Housing residence offer reliable quality as a superior house in wind resistance and anti-leak structure. In order to create a strong house against the storm and leaking resistance in the rain, Toyota Housing using storm test equipment for water resistance.

Eathquake- and load-resistant quality

We used strong and elastic steel specifications, according to Japan’s high safety standards. The superiority of earthquake resistance has been proven by earthquake simulations with actual scale.

Highly efficient heat insulation that makes the homes comfortable.

Toyota Housing houses have high heat insulation capability. It has a heat insulation system as a container that keeps the cool temperature inside, the Toyota Housing offers a comfortable environment at all times for your home.

The fabrication process allows for a short period of construction work.

The main structure (steel frame) first made in the factory, then assembled at the location of the house construction, so it won’t easily affected by the weather. The construction of the house can be done in a short time.

Excellent after sales services and a 2-year warranty     

We provide two-year warranty for leakage on the main structure of the building. Toyota housing gives comfort even after the building was built.