For the safety of 467 families

Toyota Housing Sakura Regency 3 provides a safe, comfortable residential complex.

Toyota Housing Block


 A maginificeint main gate ignites feelings of pride and love for the complex.

At the entrance of the residential, we built security gate to enhance the serenity, peaceful, safe and the town gate featuring the existence of an exclusive residential complex.

 A 24-hour security system has been established to further improve the secure, peaceful environment.

We provide a one-gate system which control “in and out" of the residential complexes and a 24-hour surveillance system through CCTV.

 Thick walls built around the entire complex.

You may see around the housing that is built a security wall and a tree lane zone to bring coolness to its residents.


 Two parks and a mosques as facilities for community interaction.

Near the TOYOTA HOUSING complex, you may see north park, central park and musholla which built in it. This Housing is designed to facilitate the warmly interactions for the residents.

 Appealing, beautiful plants in the corners of the road.

The 2-level plant on the corner of the house will attracts the eyes and increase the magnificent of  residential landscape.

 Up to 9-10 meters of wide roads in front of the houses.

We provide the wide front road of each house 9 to 10 meters, it will emerge a sense of relief and ensuring the flexible interaction of residents.

 A symbolic road greets and welcomes visitores

Meanwhile, the streets of security gates are made 18 to 20 meters wide, it filled with green plants and become the “symbolic road" for welcoming or delivering residents.

Disaster Prevention

 No wires or electricity/telephone polse?

  • Creates beautiful, lively residential scenery.
  • Improves traffice safty and crime prevention.
  • Allows trees to grow without being obstrcted by electricity/telephone poles.
  • Reduces the dangerous risk of electricity/telephone poles and wires event of a natural disaster.

 Underground electric/telephone cabling installation provides a spacious feel and improves the beautiful scenery and security in the complex.

 A stricter security and disaster prevention plan than the government standard has been implemented.

TOYOTA “Sakura Regency 3", the installation of electricity / phone is planted in the ground so it will actualize housing complex “without power pole / phone" which is still rare in Indonesia. This effort is to create a large and spacious space, and also a beautiful home landscape with a green environment.

 Precautions against flooding disasters

Being situated over 5 meters above the river surface, as well as the flood risk track is built 1.5 meters higher than the city's design, this housing complex is safe even in rainy season.