Since its establishment, Toyota has been conducting business centered on automotive
production and sales, guided by the drive to create a prosperous society through automobiles.
Even in Indonesia, Toyota has been performing a wide range of activities for over 40 years.
and continues to conduct manufacturing activities that focus on quality as a whole.

Toyota has aligned globalization and localization from the design and development stages to production and sales services. Toyota is eager to contribute to the co-existence and development of Indonesia society by applying the advanced technology it has developed in its automotive manufacture to the field of housing construction.

“TOYOTA QUALITY” to Residence

Toyota Housing is a housing development company established by Toyota Motor Corporation.
Established with the spirit of wanting to make Japanese homes better, Toyota Housing has steel frame houses. Toyota Housing has sold over 100,000 houses in Japan in the course of 37 years.

By applying the technology and skills developed in Japan, we want to supply high quality, durable houses with a short construction period in Indonesia. With the aim of improving Indonesian residences, we are striving to win the recognition on the Indonesian people.

As a trusted and reliable company in Japan, Toyota Housing now offers new value to the concept of housing in Indonesia through the development of high quality homes.


AXIA South Cikarang, 2014 | 177 Kamar

A Combination of Japanese hospitality and Indonesian Comfort

In 2014, a hotel residence-a tower comprising 177 rooms-was opened in the Lippo Cikarang area.

It was established under the joint cooperation of four companies. In the compound, Toyota Housing built three villa-house units for executives in Indonesia.Since its opening, all the tower rooms and villa-house units have enjoy full occupancy, leading to high acclaim from our guests.

Ciputra Residence

Toyota Housing Indonesia also builds houses at Citra RAYA in the Tangerang area.


The Courtdays, 2013 | 26 Blocks

Minamiosawa Torie, 2014 | 36 Blocks

Beautiful Hill, 2015 | 80 Blocks

Kawagoe Cocoromachi, 2015 | 256 Blocks

Housing development project in Japan

In response to public confidence in our capacity to supply housing, we have sold over 100,000 homes in Japan. With Only One, the only housing construction in the world that truly considers the characteristics of the soil underneath, we complete numerous housing development projects in various locations in Japan. We exercise our ingenuity by designing beautiful houses and contributing to community development.